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The Presidential Election and promises made in Washington DC will affect your health care costs.

The Presidential Election is going to be front page news for the next 7 months. There are many underlying issues beyond the gravitas show put on by these candidates. What really should distinguish them from one another is influence, who have they made promises to and to what extent. Political influence is the black cat in the room. Everyone knows it there, only enemies want to talk about it. Candidates need money to get their message out, this requires a never ending cash flow. With cash comes promises. This is where our political process can fail all of us.
Do you know who purchased the most influence from political hopefuls over the past 20 years? Pharmaceutical and Health Products, that’s who. These companies take stock in keeping Washington at bay for their interests and their interests only. These promises trickle down to higher drug costs for me and you. Drug costs that enable these big companies to be brash and play a silly smoke and mirror game with local pharmacies, that unless they keep up will cost local pharmacy owners millions every year.
So when picking a presidential candidate this year, just keep in mind, who is in their pockets and how might it affect all of our Health Care costs.

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