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Introducing Dillon Hall!

Dillon Hall is an educated graphic designer, brand developer, and web designer from Las Vegas. Having worked with brands like The Wynn, Encore and the many venues therein, we’re excited to see what Dillon can do for independent pharmacies!


My name’s Dillon and I’m excited to be working with InboundRX to create some cool stuff for some cool people! I’m fairly new to the world of independent pharmacy but I’m not new to brand development and creative marketing. I’ve been a freelance designer and a commission artist for more than 6 years and a brand developer for 4. While I was at UNLV, I snatched up loads of internships and contract design gigs to supplement my studio training. I’ve worked in environments big and small, fast and slow, corporate and homegrown all while developing brands, fleshing out marketing strategies and producing enormous volumes of assets for a variety of clients.

When I graduated I moved to Tigard, Oregon, and began the job search. I randomly cold-called the folks at InboundRX and showed them my branding chops. I got an interview and began developing social media and print collateral that same evening! Since then we’ve worked with loads of clients and developed some really interesting brand stories in some unique ways. Ground-up web development, some classy print pieces and loads of social media designs for independent pharmacies have been my morning, noon, and night for a few months now!

When I was going to school and cranking through those internships and odd-jobs, I learned the power of identity. I was trained to push brands to their limits. I learned that the stronger the brand is, the more it can do. The more it can do, the further it will reach. The further it reaches, the more people it will bring in. The more people it brings in, the stronger the brand becomes. It’s a feedback loop that can take a mom and pop, hole-in-the-wall business and make it stand up to the biggest, baddest corporations. It’s a feedback loop called “inbound marketing”. We named our firm after it. It’s what we do.

If you’d like to learn more about myself or others on our team, feel free to navigate to our contact page and send us a message! We can talk shop or shoot the breeze. Either way it makes our day!

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