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Introducing Chris Peterson!

Chris Peterson has many years of experience owning and operating traditional businesses that thrive in their communities. He’s self-motivated, energetic, detail-oriented and is one of the founders of InboundRX!


So…My name is Chris Peterson and I am going to be jumping into the world of inbound marketing with a few of my friends at the new marketing firm we are starting up, Inbound RX. Our company is going to be focusing primarily on the pharmacy small business and helping pharmacy owners create marketing plans to compete with the Walgreens and Rite Aids. I am completely new and a little scared of the world of inbound marketing (which includes a LOT of social media) so I will outline my foray into that beast here. I’ll also talk about what I see as I jump into Twitter, LinkedIn, podcasts, blogs, apps, the world of pharmaceuticals and all the other stuff that is foreign to me!

First, a little about me. I do have some background in marketing as I received my Business Degree from the University of Oregon. I am in my mid 30s so my academic training was focused more on print, ad, television and radio spots as the crux for marketing. When I was running my business, Google AdWords, SEO and web design were just becoming key elements of marketing. Now the climate has shifted again and inbound marketing seems to be the next phase.

This isn’t my first business. I was involved in a start-up in college. I started a house painting company as well as a Christmas light hanging company. That’s where one of the other founders of Inbound RX, Jon Tomin, and I met. Back then we used the Guerrilla Marketers Handbook as our guide. Google was not a thing, so door hangers and direct mailers were our tools.

After traveling the world and working in a few different industries, I settled into following my fathers steps into the roofing industry. After working for a few shops I decided to go out on my own and ran my own shop for five years. While doing that I dipped my toe in the inbound waters, but most of what happened was a train wreck. I tried opening a Twitter and Facebook account and gave it to one of my guys who told me he was a “social media master”. He ended up using it for posting random bizarre things and identity fraud. I spent money on 5 or 6 different big nationally known marketing firms all swearing they would give me 20-50 leads a month and none even came close to delivering. They cost me thousands of dollars and involved me in tiresome and annoying battles to cancel the contracts.

So now its time to face this demon head on. I’m going to take what I have learned, provide the excellent service that I was denied, and help others to not make the same mistakes. I’m going to master this world of inbound marketing. Last week I got back up on the saddle and set up a Twitter account. I made 2 tweets, one of which was even retweeted! I currently follow 10 people and have 1 follower. I made a LinkedIn page with 4 connections, 3 of which work in the company. I went online to Hubspot and took the awesome course and got inbound certified by the market leader.

So this is a whole new world to me. It’s a little scary but definitely exciting. The collective wisdom of the web says you need to be doing a blog once or twice a week as an inbound marketer, so I’ll try to do one a week on what I am learning in inbound, and one a week on pharmacy. Hopefully I can keep the pace.

Thats it! First blog post done!

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