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Independent Pharmacies and Opioid Abuse

How can we as Independent Pharmacies help combat Opioid Addiction? We can all start with being informed and proactively keeping the communication open with Prescribing Doctors in our area.

President Obama has asked for $1.1 Billion from the 2017 Fiscal year budget to be dedicated to combat Opioid Abuse. Opioid Abuse is still on the rise here in America. Here are some highlights from the proposed budget.

  • $920 Million would go to Individual Sates to finance Drug-Based treatment.
  • Disbursement is based on states drug abuse issue and the strength of the state’s programs to combat it
  • $50 Million would go to the National Health Services Corps
  • They want better access to the Overdose reversal agent Nalaxone

How does this affect Independent pharmacies? The easy answer is this affects all of us in one way or another. The balance is between preventing addicts from obtaining inappropriate prescriptions all the while ensuring that the people who legitimately needs these Opioid for pain is readily accessible. Many Doctors won’t even prescribe pain medications anymore, in fear of creating an addict or someone pointing the finger at them for doing so.

What can Independent Pharmacies do to help? We can start by providing educational materials for Opioid Abuse. Make sure that your staff is educated on the issue. And most importantly, keep an open communication between Prescribing Doctors and Pharmacists.

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