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InboundRx Concierge Program

We have a great program for all of our Independent Pharmacies. The program centers around Patient Adherence. We call it our Concierge Program.

InboundRx’s mission statement is built around Independent Pharmacies growing and caring about their communities. We know if they are able to build from within the community, the sky is the limit for growth. Local Doctors would rather push patients to independent pharmacies, YOU just need to give them a reason. It starts with building the relationship and offering them something that would benefit their patient and practice; Patient Adherence Feedback. Adherence is front and center with the Affordable Care Act. Doctors are moving to a Performance Base Model. This is going to be a huge issue for some Doctors. We as Independent Pharmacies can help this transition. We have come up with a Concierge program for all of our Pharmacies We Market for. What is the Concierge program you ask?
• Marketing Centric Adherence Program
• Gain Relationships with Local Prescribing Doctors
• Offer 5 Star Rating Feedback to Local Doctors.
• Work with Doctors to Ensure Patient Adherence
• Marketing Specific Web design
• Social Media Design and Implementation.

Contact us if you would like to set up a discovery interview, so we can learn more about you.

If you are in the Portland area, or want to see what we are doing to the store we are managing and testing some of our advanced marketing theories on click here to link to our blog post/case study of Paulsen’s Pharmacy.

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