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5 Star Programs,The Future Is Here!

Concierge services is where the future of Independent Pharmacies lies. If we want to compete with the chains, we must give added value, not only to the patient, but also to the Prescribing Doctor.

Thinking ahead is always a good thing. The reimbursement model for doctors has changed dramatically due to the affordable care act.  The big shift is the transition from fee for service model to fee for performance.  Doctors are now being graded on a 5 star system for many areas.  The one area that has the greatest weight and is influenced by pharmacy is medication adherence. The government is trying to find ways to implement this. Well, were thinking beyond that. Let’s start this now. Pharmacy Concierge Program.

  • Report to Doctors about Patient Adherence
  • Educate Patients about drug adherence
  • Appointment Base Model
  • Continued Education
  • Delivery
  • Knowledgeable Staff

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