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An entire marketing firm at your pharmacy's disposal.

Our firm consists of several marketers, experts in sales, website designers, brand developers, content creators, and social media experts who are all dedicated to helping independent pharmacies take back their communities from the chain stores.

The right tools, providers, and consultants, specialized in independent pharmacy marketing, all in one place.

InboundRx consistently offers results-driven services that are led through real human one-on-one interactions. Creating alliances with industry leaders provides unique opportunities, technologies, services, and strategies to independent pharmacies. We invite you to learn more about us and our network.

Leaders at the Helm

Jon Tomin
CEO, Founder, Co-Owner of Paulsen's Pharmacy
Jon Tomin started his profession in the pharmacy industry through robotics and automation. Throughout his career, he has developed great relationships with executives of Fortune 20 companies and many more within the industry. Recently, he bought a 99 year old independent pharmacy nestled in NE Portland, Oregon. The pharmacy’s digital presence began as a microsite which lived within the GNP website. Thus, began the journey of bringing this historic community fixture into the digital age. Jon was frustrated with the limited amount of choices and services available for pharmacies looking to market themselves. Cookie-cutter websites and rigid marketing plans were all that was available. These services did not meet his needs, nor did they reflect the nimbleness and individuality of independent community pharmacies. He decided to start InboundRx to cater to this exact need for marketing services customized to independents’ needs.

Chris Peterson
CMO, Co-Founder
Chris and Jon met in college and stayed friends through all these years. He was one of the first on board when Jon founded InboundRx. Chris has experience in many industries and holds a large range of skills in his toolkit. He is a scrum master, creative growth hacker, and product expert, who comes up with unique pharmacy marketing ideas. He takes on all those roles and tasks with a can-do attitude.

Joe Amspoker
COO, Account Executive, Manager of Paulsen’s Pharmacy
Joe is the general manager of Paulsen’s Pharmacy and the person that keeps everything running smoothly at InboundRx AND Paulsen’s. He knows the ins and outs of community pharmacies’ pain points, and with his experience, he has lots of great independent pharmacy ideas on how to increase business.

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InboundRx has a diverse team with a wide range of skills, networks, and expertise.  Corporate sales directors, marketing and sales automation experts, a brand developers, graphic designers, website development teams, all dedicated to independent pharmacies.

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